Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office provides faculty, staff, students and trainees with a highly confidential, independent and informal forum in which to help visitors clarify their concerns, identify their goals and consider all of their options in managing or resolving their concerns. Options can range from simply talking about problems to filing a formal complaint. The visitor decides what’s best. The Ombudsperson provides coaching in written and verbal communication, informal mediation, meeting facilitation, shuttle diplomacy, upward feedback and information about policies/procedures and resources. Concerns include—but are not limited to—career management, working conditions, authorship, professional/scientific misconduct, sexual harassment, discrimination, personality conflicts and fear of retaliation. Any issue may be brought to the Ombudsperson. Additionally, upon request the Ombuds Office offers a range of negotiation and conflict management skills workshops.

Please click here to visit the Website for the Ombuds Office.

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