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Faculty Leaves





(Last update August 2004)


Procedures for Requesting Sabbatical Leave 


  1. Sabbaticals may be requested by tenured professors after six years of service while in residence at the University.
  2. Sabbaticals may be requested for one year on half pay or half a year on full pay.
  3. Sabbatical pay is equivalent to academic salary only. For hospital based professors, the Medical School and the Hospital share in payment according to their fractional contributions to academic salary.
  4. Sabbaticals must be spaced in a way to avoid compromising the capacity of a department to meet its academic obligations.
  5. Letters of request from the professor to the Dean should indicate the intended length and goal of the sabbatical leave.
  6. An accompanying letter from the Department Head should indicate to the Dean approval of the Professor’s request and the plans for covering the academic and clinical responsibilities of the faculty member making the application.



    Approved by Conference of Department Heads
    January 23, 1985

    Leave of Absence

    (Last update August 2004)

    Guidelines for Leave of Absence

    1. If a faculty member intends to be away more than one week, the department head or designee should be notified, and plans for coverage of academic and clinical responsibilities should be shared.
    2. If a faculty member intends to be away more than three months, the dean should be notified as to the duration and purpose of the leave. The letter from the faculty member should have the written approval of the department head.
    3. In accordance with the Harvard Corporation policy reaffirmed on October 6, 1975, leaves of absence will be granted for periods up to one year with the possible renewal for one more year. Leaves of absence will not be extended beyond two years.


  7. Note: Any appointment, whether tenured or otherwise, automatically terminates at the end of two years’ leave of absence.

    Approved on January 23, 1985
    Reaffirmed by Conference of
    Department Heads,
    April 9, 1996

  8. Length of Termination or Non-Renewal of Academic Appointments in Clinical Departments

    For any questions regarding termination policies, please contact Dr. Maureen Connelly, Dean for Faculty Affairs (via email: maureen_connelly@hms.harvard.edu, by phone: 617-432-1106)     








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