Reappointment Policies

For questions regarding Reappointment Policies, please contact the HMS Faculty Services Department at 617-432-2035.

Procedures for Reappointment of Assistant Professors, and Associate Professors by All Criteria

1. Submission to the department head by the faculty member of her/his curriculum vitae and bibliography using the format described in section XV.

2. Review by a departmental committee of the faculty member’s annual report(s) to determine the teaching, research, clinical, or administrative contributions of the previous year (if annual) or years (if term) and to assess whether or not the faculty member has met the needs of the department in these various areas.

3. Review by a departmental committee to determine whether or not the faculty member has met the teaching and other academic obligations as described in the Faculty and Institutional Obligations for Academic Appointments and in A Statement of Expectations of the Faculty for Teaching Medical Students at Harvard Medical School, both of which were adopted by the Conference of Department Heads on April 9, 1996.

4. For term reappointments, submission of a letter from the department head to the Dean’s Office describing the faculty member’s academic contributions and the department’s expectations for the coming year or term. The letter should include an assessment of the level of productivity and the quality of the contributions.

5. Inclusion in the department head’s letter of a statement describing the source of funds to support the reappointment.

6. Term Reappointment Form.

Note: Reappointed faculty members with term appointments will receive a letter from the Governing Boards that includes the statement that their appointment is “subject to the Third Statute of the University, as amended from time to time, and to such terms, conditions and policies as may be stipulated by the Faculty of Medicine. Such terms and conditions include, but are not limited to, continuing availability of funds from sources outside the university and, in the case of faculty members who hold an appointment at an institution affiliated with Harvard Medical School or Harvard School of Dental Medicine, the continuation of the appointment at the affiliated institution.”

Recommended by Faculty Committee
on Reappointments,

May 1996
Endorsed by Conference of Departmental
Executive Committee Heads, 05/14/96

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