The Office for Faculty Affairs at Harvard Medical School

Welcome to the Harvard Medical School Office for Faculty Affairs website. We are committed to supporting the academic careers of all of our 12,000+ faculty members. To that end, we hope this website will help you and the administrative professionals who support you find the information you need to navigate our promotions and appointments systems, to identify resources to support your personal faculty development, and to understand the governance of our community. We welcome your questions and feedback at any time.

Dear Colleagues,

As we begin academic year 2016-17, we are pleased to share with you the Faculty of Medicine Governance, Appointment and Promotion Handbook. The processes by which faculty are hired, appointed and rewarded and the policies by which we are governed as a community are central to the success of the Faculty of Medicine. This Handbook reflects the current practices and guidelines for Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, including the Faculty of Medicine By-Laws which were initially approved in 2012. By necessity, this document is a work in progress, as we continuously endeavor to ensure that we are optimally efficient, fair and transparent in meeting the needs of our community. Your comments and questions are welcome.

Jeffrey S. Flier, MD
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Caroline Shields Walker Professor of Medicine

Nancy J. Tarbell, MD
Dean for Academic and Clinical Affairs
CC Wang Professor of Radiation Oncology

Maureen T. Connelly, MD, MPH
Dean for Faculty Affairs
Assistant Professor of Population Medicine

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